We take great pride in our services and our employees. Ideal candidates will be willing to take on new challenges, have a proven record for producing results, and are willing to learn and grow with the company.

Yosemite Pathology Medical Group provides a competitive salary, an exciting work environment, and a full range of outstanding benefits along with support to help our employees succeed.

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The ideal candidate would be an experienced pathologist with 3-5 years of experience in a hospital setting and clinical lab experience or training. The candidate will be General Surgical Pathologist that is AP/CP Board Certified and accustomed to high volume.
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Pathologist Assistant – Bakersfield
Under the supervision of a pathologist, the Pathologist Assistant performs gross examination, sampling and dictation of human organs. Also provides assistance during intraoperative consultations such as frozen sections and gross examinations.
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Pathology Biomedical Technician
The Pathology Biomedical Technician is responsible for coordinating, monitoring, and occasionally performing routine maintenance and repairs of laboratory instruments at multiple sites.
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Histology Manager – Bakersfield
The Histology Manager provides bench tech services and manages workflow of tasks and activities in the Histology area. The Histology Manager will manage the activities within the Histology area of the laboratory. This includes coordination and performance of all of the various tasks required for completion of all procedures. The Histology Manager is responsible for creating a cohesive team between both Histology shifts.
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IHC Histology Technician – Modesto
The IHC Histology Technician is responsible for cutting, staining and preparing tissue samples for the pathologist to review. They are also responsible for prioritizing  testing  procedures  and  completing  those procedures in an accurate and  timely manner  and  maintaining  proper  accurate records of all tests done in accordance with established policies, procedures and regulations.
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Laboratory Aide – Histology – Bakersfield
The Histology Laboratory Aide provides support services to the Histology team by performing tasks and activities in the Histology area.
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Laboratory Technician – Central Accessioning – Modesto
The Accessioning Laboratory Technician is responsible for the daily operations of the Accessioning department including, but not limited to, specimen receipt process, test order processing, sample processing, material returns and sample verifications.
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Territory Client Manager – Bakersfield
The Territory Client Manager will be expected to grow client base, increase specimen volume, and maintain and retain our existing client base. The territory coverage will be Bakersfield and the surrounding areas.
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Facilities Coordinator – Modesto
 The Facilities Coordinator is responsible for the day to day management of the building and grounds. They will be responsible for ensuring the facilities are safe, up to code, and fully operational. This person will also engage with a variety of vendors and leaders to ensure the business operations continue to meet or exceed the needs of the internal organization.
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