We are an anatomic pathology laboratory that provides high-quality and specialized reporting that helps physicians and patients make important healthcare decisions. Our laboratory has over 60 years of experience and we provide expertise in a variety of subspecialties. Our goal is to help physicians provide the best treatment outcomes for their patients.

In addition, we provide resources for patients to gain more information about certain diseases and diagnoses which can help them better understand treatment options. Please click on the Resources button to the right to learn more.

Covid-19 Testing Information

We’ve started Covid-19 testing for our patients, click here to learn more information about this process.


We make billing as flexible as possible by providing many different payment options to our patients including the ability to pay online. Depending on the arrangement your clinic, hospital, or health insurance plan has with us, you may or may not receive a bill directly from our company for all or part of our services. We do our best to obtain reimbursement from insurers without contacting you.

Please call our Billing Service if you have questions or would like to arrange payments. To view frequently asked billing questions click here. To contact our Billing Service, please call our toll free 888-644-9764 or email us at