Our superior quality customer service and complement of over 30 Board Certified Anatomic Pathologists, with a broad offering of subspecialties, enables us to provide a full range of anatomic pathology services to meet today’s physician needs. Our anatomic pathology services are enhanced by excellent histology preparation, a broad panel of histochemical stains, over 150 Immunohistochemical stains and complementary molecular tests.

In addition, we provide ancillary support services that include:

  • Customer Service – dedicated efficient customer service representatives to assist with specimen requirements and handling, results, specimen pick-up and supplies
  • IT – interfaces to EHR/EMR, online report access, customized color reports, 24 hour IT support
  • Courier Services – Customized and STAT pick-ups
  • In-House Billing – Supportive representatives for questions concerning charges for services and assistance with insurance filings


We provide exceptional professional surgical pathology services including specialties in the following subspecialties:

  • DERMAQ – Dermatopathology service
  • GASTROQ – Gastrointestinal Pathology service
  • HEMAQ – Hematopathology service
  • THYROQ – Thyroid Pathology service
  • UROQ – Urologic Pathology service
  • Women’s Healthcare
    • MAMMAQ – Breast Pathology service
    • GYNQ – Gynecologic Pathology service
  • CYTQ– Cytopathology
  • Surgical Pathology



Our pathologists are available anytime to provide interactive consultations with physicians. We work closely with our colleagues to answer questions and assist them with treatment decisions for the best patient outcomes.