About Us

"Advancing Anatomic Pathology in the Western United States for over 75 years, our commitment is to provide comprehensive and superior quality diagnostics, working with physicians and hospitals to improve patient care."

We are a pathology physician group with an advanced anatomic pathology laboratory that is CLIA certified and fully accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).  Our Board Certified pathologists service hospitals and outpatient practices with a broad range of specialties in both anatomic and clinical pathology, supplemented by targeted subspecialty training. These comprehensive specialties enable delivery of solutions that answer the needs of our clients, allowing our physician and hospital partners to advance patient care and health management in the communities we serve.

The foundation for Yosemite Pathology was formed in 1948 by a single UCSF trained pathologist, Dr. Jeanne Miller, committed to providing pathology and laboratory services to Central California. In a time of burgeoning need and at the dawn of scientific advancement in the field, she blazed the trail for our growing practice. In the last decade, we have greatly expanded the range and breadth of our services in concert with Precision Pathology, becoming the premier provider of anatomic pathology services in the Western United States, led by our expanded presence in Northern California. 

Now encompassing over 35 Board Certified Anatomic Pathologists with their broad range of specialties, our physicians serve as laboratory medical directors in over 20 hospitals, providing superior professional services.  Our advanced technical laboratory staff complements this with pride in their workmanship and contribution to patient care.  Friendly customer service representatives, sophisticated IT specialists, and an experienced, up to date and courteous in-house billing department  support our comprehensive suite of services. 

We take pride in our culture of service and our commitment to hospitals, surgery centers and physicians, our partners in the healthcare community. 

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how Yosemite Pathology | Precision Pathology can provide the highest standards of quality care to patients.

Anthony R. Victorio, M.D.
Medical Director
Yosemite Pathology Medical Group

Emad Kaabipour, M.D.
Medical Director
Precision Pathology Medical Group