HEMAQ™ is the premier provider of Hematopathology services capable of fulfilling unique hematology practice requirements.  We are an efficient, quality–focused partner with a full spectrum of biopsy services including:

  • Board Certified Hematopathologists
  • Extensive experience in histology preparation of bone marrow samples
  • 24-48 hour turnaround time
  • Over 100 Immunohistochemistry antibodies and a broad panel of histochemical stains
  • 10 color Flow Cytometry
  • Cytogentics and Molecular FISH/PCR
  • Customized color reports and interactive consultative correspondence with clients

In addition, we provide advanced IT support and logistics.

Our commitment to provide comprehensive and superior quality Hematopathology services in a timely manner allows us to advance diagnostic testing for hematology practices, while providing solutions to the most challenging patient diagnoses.