Yosemite Pathology Acquires Bakersfield Pathology Medical Group | Press Release

Yosemite Pathology Medical Group (YMPG) and Bakersfield Pathology Medical Group (BPMG) announce they are uniting to provide services of the highest quality in an expanded geographic range. 

Both pathology groups have been serving their local communities and providing outstanding pathology services to hospitals and clinicians for decades. “BPMG’s like-minded philosophy and dedication to providing the best patient care for their community, and the desire to partner with a stable, time-proven group, especially during these difficult times, made this union a natural fit,” according to Anthony Victorio, M.D., YPMG President.

Synergy of Strengths 

“The union focuses on a combined synergy of strengths, making the pathology community even more secure.  This strength not only upholds the mission to provide quality diagnostics for optimum patient care, but it also fortifies the stability of the two groups. The merger creates an opportunity to reach more communities and deliver quality local pathology services,“ according to Jennifer Pinasco, YPMG CEO.

In addition to YPMG’s excellent reputation in hospital and outpatient clinical care, it has a long history of successful collaborations elsewhere in Central and Northern California. For its part, BPMG has four pathologists: Dr. Steven Fogel, Dr. Roya Setarehshenas, Dr. Teresa Limjoco and Dr. Tajinder Bisla. They — with a supporting staff of 21 — operate a fully functioning histology laboratory that services four main hospitals and several outpatient clinics. 

The unification enhances the diagnostic and consulting services offered to clinicians by helping to improve their laboratory operations and knowledge through the expertise of our lab management team. The first-rate sales and marketing team will help our business expand and facilitate growth.   

Together, this collaboration creates enormous clinical synergies that will preserve and strengthen our tradition of providing the highest quality local care to your patients well into the future. 

Wider Spectrum of Subspecialty Skills

The combination of these outstanding pathology diagnostic and consulting services means the ability to offer an even wider spectrum of subspecialty skills, all at the very highest levels of expertise.  

Our fully integrated organization will provide rapid information technology, report delivery integration, and expedited interpretive consultations. As the technical needs of patient care continue to develop, our expanded menu of technical services and ancillary testing performed locally places us at the forefront of this growing field. 

Serving 34 Counties 

This union joins expertise from two pathology groups that have been privileged to render superior pathology services in 34 counties — including Sacramento, San Joaquin, Contra Costa, Calaveras, Tuolumne, Stanislaus, Merced, Mariposa and Kern — for decades.  Not only will  Drs. Fogel, Setarehshenas, Limjoco, Bisla and the YPMG team continue to uphold the mission of providing premium and personal service to you — our community of dedicated local clinicians and hospitals — and your patients, but such services should prove more efficient than ever.